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  • $4.50

    Siberian Ginseng

    (Eleuthero ginseng; Ci wu jia) Species used by Russian cosmonauts and athletes to improve endurance. Possesses powerful tonic and restorative properties and was found to relieve the effects of mental and physical stress. Its action differs from that of true ginseng as it does not cause insomnia in large doses. Very hardy shrub; requires shade. …

  • $12.00

    Skunk #1 – Feminized Single Seed

    In the late 1970s blending Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa, Afghan and Colombian Gold Sativa took place and the strain thus created was called Skunk #1.
    The real hallmarks of this strain are abundant yields, vigour and fast and satisfying results. The plant produces strong stalks and branches, and as a consequence it has dense, rounded …

  • $1.50

    Sorrento Raab Broccoli

    Sorrento Raab Broccoli, A Beautiful Leafy green annual that can also be grown as a micro green. Can sometimes grow out to being a slight yellow colour.


  • $50.00

    Spice One – non feminized

    Indoor / outdoor Jordan of the Islands Spice One is a medium height plant with a soft light green color. This cannabis strain has a very unique taste and the marijuana smell is also one of kind. Spice One is really going to impress all you chronics out there because its an exceedingly potent indica. …

  • $2.00

    Squash Crookneck

    Slightly warted, curved neck with excellent flavour
    Creamy yellow 13-15cm (5-6″) fruits
    Most productive once night time temperatures have warmed
    Open-pollinated seeds
    Matures in 75 days

    Approx 20 …