Returns & Refund Policy | Vancouver Seed Bank
  • Absolutely no refunds offered on germinated seeds for failed germination, especially past policy fulfillment.
  • Refund is offered in full for any order that does not have a tracking number applied. Once tracking number is applied shipping cost is non-refundable. To obtain a refund, order must successfully be returned to the sender unopened & with no evidence of tampering. There are absolutely no exceptions made for orders that have already been opened. Once the package is received back, a refund (minus the shipping cost) will be issued.
  • There are no refunds offered to Customers outside of USA/Canada.

What is Vancouver Seed Bank’s Germination Guarantee?

  • To qualify please follow our provided germination method to help insure a 80% success rate & above. If 80% germination is not met customers must call in to review order & identify possible improvements with one of our seed specialists.
  • Qualifying orders are subject to a ONE time reshipment on all failed seeds.
  • Please ensure all strains on order have been attempted prior to calling in, to avoid partial reshipment, no exceptions will be made to ONE time rule.
  • Vancouver Seed Bank & all affiliated companies do NOT cover any issues surpassing germination period.
  • Click here for Germination method:
  • For any questions at any time call in to +1 (844) 654-7333 for 24 hour live customer service representatives.
  • For a chance to be featured on our social media sites (anonymously if desired) document your germination with photos & videos, submit to :

How do I know won’t take my money?

Vancouver Seed Bank has spent years of time and money in building a trustworthy reputation. The success of a cannabis business revolve around reliable sellers. We are passionate about growing marijuana plants! Growing your best marijuana plants is our goal. We make sure to provide high quality Marijuana Seeds, customer service and easy shipping.

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