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Apricot Kush – 10 seeds non feminized


This new and exciting  strain features an intoxicating aroma, and very resinous buds. A superb yielder with good mold resistance, the Apricot is great outdoors, in greenhouses or indoors. An uplifting and euphoric high compliment the intense aroma.Warning!!!! These buds will gum up scissors and fingers with resin. Medicinally used for pain and stress relief as well as improving one's appetite. Also a good bronchial dilator.

(Finishing time mid-late september, yields up to 908 grams or more dependent on growing conditions)

Note for indoor growers who want to vegetate Apricot Kush from the Breeder:

"Generally the issue is (and it is one of the more common issues with people growing outdoor strains indoor) is that because this strain will finish under outdoor light, it is more trigger sensitive than almost all indoor strains.
Here is what we recommend to prevent strains from flowering prematurely.
Don't let strains get anywhere close to drying out, getting rootbound, to hot, lights to close, to much phosphorus or potash. Smaller pots will trigger them.
If they do trigger, transplant them into bigger pots, pinch the tops way back, feed a high ratio of nitrogen....(5-1-1), don't let dry out, keep the lights further than normal. If you can keep them in veg until they get big you will be fine, but it is more of a struggle with outdoor strains."