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Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    Tang OG Strain Feminized
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    Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, a cannabis delight that combines mystery genetics with a moderate growing difficulty, making it perfect for those with a touch of cultivation experience. This Sativa-Dominant Hybrid boasts a THC level ranging from 17-20% and a CBD level of 0.5-0.9%, offering a balanced and euphoric experience.

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    People are viewing this product now

    311 Packs sold this month

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    Table Header
    THC Level
    CBD Level
    CBG Level
    Category Type
    Sativa Dominant Hybrid
    Growing Level
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Indoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Outdoor Height
    Medium (5 to 8 FT)
    Harvest Time
    late September - early October
    Indoor Yields
    Outdoor Yields
    Taste and Smell
    Citrus, Lime, Skunky, Sour, Sweet, Tropical
    Myrcene, Terpinolene, Valencene
    Humid, Mediterranean, Sunny, Tropical
    Energetic, Giggly, Social, Uplifting
    Crystal Trichomes, Lime Green, Olive Green, Orange Hairs, Thick Buds

    With a relatively short growth period of 8-9 weeks, it’s an ideal choice for those eager to harvest their buds sooner rather than later. Elevate your cultivation journey with Tang OG Strain, a strain that remains true to its mysterious roots. And for the finest quality seeds, look no further than the Vancouver Seed Bank – your go-to source for premium cannabis seeds in Canada.


    When cultivating Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds, you’re embarking on a journey that strikes a balance between moderate growing difficulty and the rewarding experience of seeing your efforts blossom. Ideal for those with a touch of cultivation know-how, this Sativa-Dominant Hybrid thrives in a variety of climates, including sunny, Mediterranean, tropical, and humid conditions. The Tang OG Strain showcases its uniqueness through lime green and olive green hues, complemented by thick buds, vibrant orange hairs, and glistening crystal trichomes.

    Standing at a versatile height ranging from a compact 1-4 feet to a moderate 5-8 feet, Tang OG Strain adapts well to different growing spaces. Whether you’re cultivating indoors or outdoors, expect a bountiful yield of 350-400g/m2 indoors and a matching 350-400g/plant outdoors. This strain not only offers an aesthetically pleasing cultivation experience with its vibrant characteristics but also promises a satisfying harvest for cannabis enthusiasts. Cultivate the exceptional with Tang OG Strain, an experience that combines the joy of cultivation with the pleasure of a high-quality yield.

    THC, CBD Content and Effects

    Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds deliver a captivating experience with its well-balanced composition. Boasting a THC level of 17-20% and a subtle touch of CBD at 0.5-0.9%, this strain unfolds a symphony of effects that cater to a variety of preferences. Upon indulging, users can anticipate an uplifting sensation that elevates the mood, creating a buoyant and positive atmosphere. The energetic burst that accompanies Tang OG Strain makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a daytime pick-me-up, enhancing productivity and focus without inducing lethargy.

    Furthermore, the social and giggly effects of Tang OG Strain contribute to an overall sense of well-being, making it an ideal companion for social gatherings or creative endeavors. Whether you’re sharing laughs with friends or engaging in a lively conversation, this strain cultivates a cheerful and sociable ambiance. Beyond its recreational appeal, Tang OG Strain also holds potential therapeutic benefits, offering users a holistic experience that extends beyond mere recreation. Embrace the harmonious blend of uplifting, energetic, social, and giggly effects with Tang OG Strain, a cannabis variety designed to enhance both recreational and therapeutic journeys.

    Terpenes, Flavor, and Appearance

    Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds offer a sensory adventure that engages both the palate and the olfactory senses. Enriched with a terpene profile featuring Valencene, Myrcene, and Terpinolene, this strain boasts a complex and delightful combination of aromas and flavors. As you embark on a session with Tang OG, anticipate a burst of citrus and tropical notes that dance through the air, accompanied by subtle hints of skunkiness and a sweet undertone. The symphony of scents is both invigorating and tantalizing, creating an aromatic journey that heightens the overall cannabis experience.

    Visually, Tang OG Strain is a spectacle to behold. Its lime green and olive green buds are a testament to its vibrant genetics, showcasing a rich tapestry of colors that evoke a sense of freshness and vitality. The buds, characterized by their thickness, are adorned with striking orange hairs and glistening crystal trichomes that contribute to the strain’s overall allure. Tang OG’s appearance is a visual feast, inviting users to explore its enticing palette of colors and textures. Indulge in the sensory symphony of Tang OG Strain, where flavors, smells, and appearance harmonize to create a truly captivating cannabis encounter.

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    2 reviews for Tang OG Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Hugho Beck

      The plants grew nice and tall with beautiful, dense buds coated in trichomes. The yield was impressive too, I got a decent harvest without much effort. Overall, I’m super stoked with how these babies turned out. Can’t wait to see what else they can offer from us growers kuddos man! ayyt

    2. Ryan Craig

      I have never had any trouble producing this strain—from seed to harvest, it is a flawless 10/10! It’s also the best high, ideal for my exhausting workday. Additionally, this strain had a really therapeutic impact on me, which greatly reduced my anxiety and despair. Her affects wear off a bit quicker, which is good for my post-demanding workday fatigue and melancholy. A sweet taste that makes me feel like I’m stuck in a chair. Gorgeous flowers with vibrant colors that never cease to amaze me. I’m out of ideas, but this is very fantastic!

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