Artemisia absinthium

 Approx. 1000 seeds per pack

The seeds are very tiny, so take a pinch between your fingers and very carefully sprinkle them on sterile moist planting medium, then gently firm in with your fingertip. Don't bury them, because they need light to germinate, but as with any seed, do not put them in direct sunlight. They take a week to ten days to germinate at room temperature (65-70F/18-22C).

Over 80F/26C and they most likely will not germinate at all. You can get a jump on their growth by starting them 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area. Use mist or bottom watering.

They should be transplanted outside after danger of frost is over and when they have at least one true set of leaves (after the first two leaves). Put them in a sunny or partly shady spot with dry soil and at a spacing of 2-3ft/60-90cm.

Once the plant is established, you can harvest individual leaves and dry and store them to use at once, so your plant will keep producing indefinitely. It can be cut back to 2ft/60cm the second year of its growth.

This plant gives off chemicals that prevent the growth of other plants, so it should be on its own, although I have seen it used for borders. It grows 4-5ft/1.2-1.5m high when it's happy.

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