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  • Romulan

Romulan – 12 non-feminized seeds

Romulan is a BC original from the 90's first seen in the July/Aug 98 issue of Cannabis Culture. Federation Seeds started working with Romulan in the mid 90's and it has since grown to legendary status for denting foreheads across Canada. Mostly Indica Romulan grows a jade green with a peppery smell and very strong pungent flavor when cured, ideal for the medical grower who needs a heavy stone. Long lasting potent Indica high makes it great for pain/stress relief or later in the day - may help with insomnia. It's growth pattern is great for a sea of green or if given room will produce very large christmas tree shaped plants. Flowering time about 56 days, harvest outdoor about Oct 14th in Canada depending on overnight temps.

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