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Island Sweet Skunk – 12 non-feminized seeds

Island Sweet Skunk
Mostly Sativa, the Island Sweet Skunk mama was grown for many years as a stabilized Sativa-Skunk cross.
The ISS Stretches like crazy with vigorous vegetative growth which produces very tall plants by fall time outdoors.
Sugary long buds with long, thick hairs, are sparse at first, but will fill as it elongates and begins to swell after the fifth week of flower.
The last two weeks will produce a dramatic increase in bud density, don't harvest early as the most thickening occurs during this finishing period.
Island Sweet Skunk has proven itself excellent for managing mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD.
The cerebral high delivers a mood boost promoting feelings of euphoria and happiness as well as energy and creativity, which comes with mellow body relaxation.
Federation Seeds was the originator of this strain and we're proud to offer it once again.
Flowering time about 59 days, harvest outdoor about Oct 17th in Canada depending on overnight temps.