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Grape Crush Gelato Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Grape Crush Gelato Non-Feminized by Jordan of the Islands is a perfect hybrid known for its sweet grape flavour profile and aroma. Whether you are an experienced or novice smoker, you will love this relaxing cannabis strain that is not too overwhelming. Grape Crush Gelato contains 12% THC content with a CBD level of 0.28%, effective in treating anxiety and stress. The head and body high will let users experience a happy, euphoric feeling accompanied by a lazy sensation. Grape Crush Gelato is also excellent for relieving inflammation and insomnia. Grape Crush Gelato descends from indica Blueberry, so don't be surprised to see blue and purple hues that are genuinely very enticing. It thrives in indoor and outdoor settings and does very well in a hydroponics setup.
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