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Gorilla Crush

Gorilla Crush Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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5 Seeds$40.00
10 Seeds$70.00
25 Seeds$140.00


The Gorilla Crush Non-Feminized is from breeder Jordan of the Islands. It is a well-balanced hybrid and a cross between Blue Crush and Gorilla Glue that packs a high THC content and low CBD level. The cultivar of this cannabis strain flowers in as fast as 8 to 9 weeks and grows medium in height with orange calyxes and sticky buds all over. Gorilla Crush cannabis strain thrives well in an indoor and outdoor setting and produces heavy yields of flowers that expel a blueberry-fruit aroma with berry flavours.

1 review for Gorilla Crush Non-Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Nancy

    I found this strain and bought it right away. I did not have a hard time ordering it. After a week of seed planting, the plant
    grow without hesitation. So fast growing! I think I love what it is happening! Cheers!

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