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Dwarf Low Flyer Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    Dwarf Low Flyer Strain
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    Discover the magic of Dwarf Low Flyer Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds – a perfect fusion of Lemon Thai and Freedom Baby. With a THC content ranging from 16.5% to 20% and a subtle CBD touch of 0.0-0.67%, this Sativa-dominant strain promises an uplifting experience.

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    People are viewing this product now

    310 Packs sold this month

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    Table Header
    Lemon Thai x Freedom Baby
    THC Level
    CBD Level
    CBG Level
    Category Type
    Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Growing Level
    Flowering Time
    7-8 weeks
    Indoor Height
    Small (0-4 FT)
    Outdoor Height
    Medium (5 to 8 FT)
    Harvest Time
    Indoor Yields
    75 g/m2
    Outdoor Yields
    75 g/pant
    Taste and Smell
    Floral, Sweet, Tropical
    Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
    Humid, Temperate
    Couch Locked, Psychedelic, Relaxing, Uplifting
    Bulk Buds, Frosty Trichomes, Orange Hairs

    Beginners will rejoice in its easy-growing nature, making it an ideal starting point. Watch as it transforms within just 7-8 weeks, showcasing its resilience and adaptability. Elevate your cannabis journey with confidence. For top-quality seeds and a seamless experience, trust Vancouver Seed Bank – recognized as one of the best cannabis seed banks in Canada. Your gateway to premium genetics and exceptional service awaits.

    Cultivation Guide

    Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is a cannabis marvel that takes your experience to new heights. With a THC content ranging from 16.5% to 20%, this strain boasts a perfect balance for those seeking a mild to high THC level. Brace yourself for a journey into relaxation as the strain’s soothing effects take over, inducing a state of calm and tranquility. But don’t be fooled by its gentle onset – Dwarf Low Flyer Strain has a psychedelic twist that elevates the experience, offering a mind-bending adventure for the senses.

    Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is also a mood lifter, providing an uplifting sensation that’ll have you floating on clouds. Yet, as the high evolves, be prepared for a cozy couch lock that wraps you in a warm embrace. The CBD content, ranging from 0.0% to 0.67%, complements the THC, ensuring a well-rounded and holistic experience. Dwarf Low Flyer is more than a strain; it’s an expedition into blissful euphoria.

    THC CBD Content, and Effects

    Step into the realm of the Dwarf Low Flyer Strain, where majesty meets mildness in a cannabis experience like no other. With a THC content of 15%, this strain proves that potency doesn’t always rely on the numbers alone. Dwarf Low Flyer Strain surprises even the most seasoned enthusiasts with its powerful high, delivering a euphoric wave that cascades through your senses. Feel the gentle embrace of arousal, letting your creativity and inspiration soar to new heights.

    This kingly strain, while maintaining a mysterious shroud over its CBD content, unveils a multi-faceted effect. As the initial euphoria wanes, a tranquil calm sets in, offering respite from the stresses of the day. The Dwarf Low Flyer Strain doesn’t just rule over the land of highs; it also holds the key to a restful sleep, making it the perfect companion for those seeking royal repose. Unveil the regal mysteries of Dwarf Low Flyer Strain and let its effects reign supreme in your cannabis kingdom.

    Terpenes, Flavor, and Appearance

    Dwarf Low Flyer Strain is a captivating cannabis variety renowned for its distinct terpene profile, boasting a harmonious blend of myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Myrcene lends a touch of earthiness, caryophyllene brings a subtle spiciness, while limonene adds a citrusy zing. This trio of terpenes not only contributes to the strain’s unique fragrance but also plays a role in its potential therapeutic effects.

    When it comes to aroma and flavors, Dwarf Low Flyer Strain doesn’t disappoint. The buds release a delightful symphony of sweet, floral, and tropical notes, creating an olfactory experience that captivates the senses. The sweet undertones provide a pleasant counterbalance to the floral and tropical elements, making it a flavorful choice for enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded cannabis experience.

    The striking traits of the Dwarf Low Flyer Strain make it stand out in terms of looks. The buds are generously coated with frosty trichomes, giving them a shimmering, crystalline appearance. The orange hairs interspersed throughout the bulk buds add a pop of color, creating a visually appealing contrast. These characteristics not only make Dwarf Low Flyer Strain a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, making it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

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    2 reviews for Dwarf Low Flyer Strain Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    1. Nana_legend

      If you’re a space conscious grower who wants a speedy, discreet, and budget-friendly journey from seed to smoke, give this little buddy a shot. It might just be your next favorite green companion.

      It may not be the showiest, but it’s got its own kind of magic. you’re gonna love it as i loved and enjoyed growingg it

    2. Yoshi

      Within a few days, the seeds sprouted, and I was thrilled. Watching the little green shoots grow was amazing. I made sure to water and feed them regularly, giving them all the care they needed.

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