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Critical Mass

Critical Mass Non Feminized Marijuana Seeds


5 Seeds$40.00
10 Seeds$70.00
25 Seeds$140.00


Get ready for an evening of relaxation with Critical Mass non-feminized strain. It is one of the most beloved Indica-dominant hybrids resulting from crossbreeding Afghani and Skunk #1 strain. It reaches an above-average potency of 22% – 26% THC content with low levels of CBD. But the strain is not all about its effects; it has become a favourite go-to strain by many growers because of its easy to grow yet high yielding characteristics. This strain thrives well indoors, as long as they have a warm and well-lit environment. For outdoor growers, it is vital to keep them away from too much humidity and rain as it may cause root and bud rot. With 8 weeks of flowering time, this plant will reward growers with a bountiful 600 grams per plant!


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