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BubbleGum Feminized Seeds

BubbleGum Feminized is an award-winning hybrid with both Indica and Sativa genetics! Originating from the USA and the Netherlands, this hybrid has 75% Indica and 25% Sativa qualities. It creates a powerful and unique high that provides euphoria, mental alertness, and physical relaxation. The weed’s soothing and healing powers are widely known, especially with medical marijuana users. The flavours and aroma are sweet, like real bubble gum! It grows well in both an indoor and outdoor setting. The strain is Easy-to-grow cannabis that adapts to any growing medium and planting techniques. It generates large and excellent yields after just nine weeks. The plant produces 400-600 grams of resin-coated buds speckled with pink, making it a very appealing and attractive sight. Flowering Period: 9 weeks , THC: 17% CBD: 0.4%
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