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Black Funk Dawg (Clusterfunk x Star Dawg #5 x Blackberry) Dankonomics Genetics

Black Funk Dawg The skunkiest funkiest Cannabis plant that could stink out whole city blocks if your odor control isn’t spot on. Black Funk Dawg is a craft producer dream, with above average yields, gorgeous colors, and pure fire results. It’s a breeding project involving Dankonomics Genetics Funk Dawg (Clusterfunk x Stardawg #5) and Jordan of the Islands Blackberry Kush. Black Funk Dawg is a fast flowering, mostly sativa cannabis plant that is suitable for both new and experienced growers. Type: Sativa Flowering Time: 60 - 65 Days Genetics: Funk Dawg (Clusterfunk x Stardawg #5) x Blackberry Kush XXXX Black
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