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Black Candyland (Candyland x Animal Cookies x Blackberry Kush) Seed Junky Genetics

Black Candyland Black Candyland is mostly a sativa Cannabis plant. It’s a breeding project involving Seed Junky Genetics and our favorite Blackberry Kush. The results are a fast flowering, above average yielding, and highly resinous (great for extraction) variety. An ideal sativa selection for new growers, but experienced growers will be able to dial in Black Candyland for optimum resin production, high THC %, and incredible yields. Black Candyland has excellent medicinal and recreational effects - creative, social, and upbeat are great for social settings when used in moderation. Type: Mostly Sativa Flowering Time: 60 - 65 Days Genetics: Candyland x Animal Cookies x Blackberry Kush
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