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Anise. Pimpinella anisum

Pimpinella anisum 

Pimpinella anisum is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to the eastern Mediterranean region and southwest Asia.

An erect, tender annual on thin roots, growing up to 60 cm (2 ft) tall. The lower leaves are broad, toothed and triangular with upper leaves that are smaller, divided and narrow. The flowers are small and whitish, numerous in open thin, compound umbrels, followed by the fruit, the anise seed.

It is propagated by seed in early spring in a sunny, sheltered area in light , dry loam. It does not like pot growing or to be transplanted. It will not produce ripe seeds in northern climates without a long, hot summer. Anise is harvested as the seeds change colour to grey-green.

It helps with digestion and sweetens the breath, so it is chewed after meals in parts of Europe, the Middle East and India. It is a mild expectorant, anise often being used in cough mixtures and lozenges. It is also antiseptic, antispasmodic, soporific and a few seeds taken with water will often cure hiccups.

Approx. 50 seeds per pack

Price: $3.00