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Acapulco Gold Feminized Strain

The Acapulco Gold Feminized cannabis strain grows at a height of up to 120 cm indoors and 200 cm outdoors. It flourishes into a beautiful plant with pointy leaves and large buds covered in thick layers of resin. It takes about 8 to 9 weeks for these plants to fully mature and produces a yield of about 450 to 500 grams of weed! This Sativa-dominant strain is a mix of Central American and Mexican genetic lineages. This strain is capable of growing well in any grow setting too. Consumers of this strain will enjoy the sweet and sour fruit flavours with a woody aftertaste that instantly makes them feel a mood-enhancing cerebral high that promotes happiness, focus, and creativity. The flowering time of this strain is between 8 to 9 weeks. 17% THC 0.70 CBD.
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