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  • $130.00

    Fruity Pebbles OG – 13 seeds non-feminized

    Fruity Pebbles OG
    (special skunk x Tahoe og)

    – mite and mold resistant
    – super vigorous and very high yielding
    – smells like sour fruity pebbles
    – tastes like fruity pebbles
    – winning many cups in New Mexico, California, Nevada and Colorado in the last few
    – auctioned for 10,000 per pack on thx farmer couple years back
    – the original fpog accept no imitation
    – effect great balance of body and head.
    – comes with a magazine and double

    Indoor flowering 55 to 65 days

  • from: $135.00

    Mushroom Kits – available within Canada Only

    Mushroom Kits includes precise instructions for mushroom cultivation along with everything to grow mushrooms. But we do recommend that you have a pressure cooker for sterilization.
    (12 jars, 3 substrates, dust mask, spore syringe or print if you choose)
    Kit only: $135.00 Kit with one spore syringe/print of your choice: $165 – send us an email or …