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  • $60.00

    Atomic Haze – 10 seeds non feminized



    Haze x Atomic NL Indoor – mostly Sativa 
    Stabilized higher-yielding and more  potent Haze than ever offered before The high is pure Sativa
    Flowering: 60-70 days

  • $50.00

    Early Sativa – 10 seeds per pack Non Feminized


    A compact Sativa bush with massive buds!
    Great for guerilla growers. Early Sativa grows into the traditional Christmas-tree shape with a large central cola. This plant’s physiognomy is strongly sativa, with light green tones and long thin leaves, but Early Sativa stays fairly diminutive, with an average height between 2 and 4 feet. Despite the manageable size …

  • $60.00

    Thai Lights – 10 seeds non feminized

    Mostly Sativa. Thai genetics crossed with Atomic NL. Trippy, soaring 
    high. Lovely citrus flavor. Big thumbs up.
    Flowering time 65-75 …

  • $50.00

    Mississippi Sweet Bud – non feminized

    Indoor Jordan of the Islands has crossed two great types of marijuana, our award winning Burmese Berry with a hardy, tasty, very kushy, Hindu Kush.
    The results are potent indica marijuana seeds with wonderful characteristics of both parents. Mississippi Sweet Bud is a tasty mix of berry and kush, starts out berry ends up kush. This …

  • $55.00

    Sativa Diablo – 10 seed non feminized

    For all the Sativa lovers out there.  This medium sized plant is the earliest indoor Sativa we’ve ever come across!  “UP” high, very Hazey taste and smell.
    Flowering time: 7 weeks Yield: 4 to 6 oz

  • $50.00

    Hawaiian Lights – non feminized

    Indoor – 10 seeds per pack non feminized
    Our award winning Blue Hawaiian Sativa has been bred with pedigree Northern Lights genetics. The Northern Lights brings the height and flowering time down while adding a smooth typical indica high. Hawaiian Lights is a great indica sativa hybrid and Jordan of the Islands suggests this is one …

  • $80.00

    Rene – Feminized 6 seeds

    Feminized – 6 seeds per pack
    80%Sativa / 20% Indica
    Flowering time 7-8 weeks

    We asked House of the Great Gardener if Rene can be grown outdoors, and he said:

    “I’d say yes…. We did one last year and had no trouble. Huge main cola with eventual side branching… really nice, really. Really…lol.”