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How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

how to grow cannabis indoors

Cannabis legalization has expanded across North America, leading to increased exposure and understanding of the benefits of cultivation. Indoor gardening offers a rewarding way to engage in a passion while meeting wellness and recreational needs. However, it can be challenging, especially for beginners, so a well-planned routine is crucial. Before discussing our recommended website for purchasing marijuana seeds online, let’s explore how to cultivate weed at home.

Finding the Right Growing Area

To ensure successful growth, it is crucial to select an appropriate indoor space for your marijuana plants. Here are key considerations when choosing a location for cultivating autoflowering seeds:

Sufficient Space: Marijuana plants can reach heights of up to 13 feet, so choose a room with a tall ceiling to accommodate their growth without crowding.

Avoid Carpeting: Carpeted areas should be avoided due to sanitation concerns and the potential for pest infestations, which can harm your plants.

Ventilation: Opt for a growing room with ventilated outlets and consider the presence of windows for proper airflow and temperature control. This also helps manage the strong odor that marijuana plants emit during flowering.

Equipment Space: Allocate dedicated space for your growing equipment, such as lights, fans, nutrients, and reservoirs. Additional organizational space will ensure efficient operations.

Tent or No Tent: Some indoor growers prefer using grow tents, which provide a controlled and enclosed environment. Grow tents offer benefits like light reflection and odor control, but be mindful that space limitations and heat management can become challenges.

Compliance with Laws: Check your state’s legislation regarding the legal cultivation of marijuana to ensure you comply with both local and federal laws.

By considering these factors and understanding the legal requirements, you can select an indoor grow room that suits your needs for cultivating marijuana effectively.

Purchase Premium Seeds

To guarantee the quality and authenticity of your plants, it is recommended to purchase seeds from a reputable marijuana seed bank. Seed banks provide access to genetic information and offer certificates to ensure the quality of your purchase. While seeds can also be found in dispensary purchases, these seeds, known as bagseed, may not always be viable.

Here are two types of seeds commonly available:

Autoflowering Seeds: These seeds automatically transition from vegetative growth to the flowering stage within approximately two to four weeks of cultivation. While the yield may be smaller, autoflowering seeds are easier to work with.

Feminized Seeds: Although more challenging to care for, feminized seeds offer larger yields and often produce more potent flowers, making them a rewarding choice for growers.

Consider your preferences and cultivation goals when selecting the type of seeds that best suit your needs.

Choose the Right Growing Lights

To replicate outdoor growth conditions in an indoor grow room, adequate lighting is crucial. Simply relying on a large window is insufficient. Cannabis plants have specific light requirements depending on their growth stage:

Vegetative State: During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants typically require around 18 hours of light per day.

Blooming Stage: When flowering, cannabis plants generally need around 12 hours of light per day.

Here are a few lighting methods commonly used for indoor cultivation:

HID Lights (High-Intensity Discharge): HID lights, such as Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs, are considered the industry standard. They provide high output, efficiency, and value. MH bulbs emit a blueish-white light suitable for vegetative growth, while HPS bulbs emit a red-orange light suitable for flowering. HID lights are more expensive than fluorescent lights but less efficient than LED lights.

Fluorescent Lights: Fluorescent grow lights are a more affordable option compared to HID lights. They are suitable for small-scale growers due to their lower setup costs and cooler operating temperatures. However, fluorescent lights are less efficient than HID lighting, which can impact production outcomes.

LED Grow Lights: LED lights are the most expensive option but offer several advantages. They have a longer lifespan and consume less electricity than other lighting options. LED grow lights provide a full spectrum of light, which can lead to larger yields and potentially higher potency in cannabis plants.

Consider your budget, energy efficiency, and desired outcomes when choosing the lighting method for your indoor grow room. Despite their higher initial cost, LED grow lights may offer the best long-term value.

Providing the Right Growing Conditions

Indoor cannabis cultivators must prioritize climate control for a successful harvest. Temperature and humidity levels need to be carefully managed to ensure optimal growing conditions. Here are the recommended temperature and humidity ranges for different stages of cannabis growth:


Temperature: 75–85°F (24–29°C)
Relative humidity: 70%

Vegetative Stage:

Temperature: 70–85°F (21–29°C)
Relative humidity: 40–60%

Flowering Stage:

Temperature: 65–80°F (18–27°C)
Relative humidity: 40–50%

To control the climate effectively, consider having the following tools:

Thermometer: Use a thermometer to measure the temperature in the areas where the light and plants come into contact.

Hygrometer: A hygrometer helps monitor the water vapor content in the air and assists in maintaining the desired humidity levels.

Airflow: Employ a combination of air conditioning units, heaters, and inline fans to facilitate proper airflow and expel excess heat from the growing space.

By utilizing these tools and regulating temperature and humidity, indoor cannabis growers can create a favorable environment for their plants, ultimately leading to a successful harvest.


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