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British Columbia has the best Marijuana in the world and to not have a
strong presence in the market place as far as seeds go is a shame. Are most
famous B.C. strains have been pilfered by outside agencies. They have been
renamed,genetically watered down and resold to the Canadian grower. We
discovered a large grey area in this respect. 

Feminized seeds contain little or no Y chromosome this is a huge benefit to the inexperienced
grower as sexing the plant in early stages is challenging and time
consuming. However, lacking the Y chromosome will eventually(several
generations of cloning) will educe failure to thrive syndrome and week
offspring. We at Dragonfly know full well that back crossing and seed
generation is the only natural way to preserve a desired strain. 

Seed stock be it alfalfa or Cannabis is a farmers insurance for the future.
Dragonfly genetics are specifically designed to aid the professional grower
and as well as the private enthusiast. We have selected and grown from the
finest thoroughbred strains and come up with a line of excellent crosses to
fit all ranges of desired effect. Wether it be a high THC strain for
more cerebral effect or a high CBD for medical use and strains in between
for the best of both worlds.

Dragonflys Genetics specialize in male plant pollen and regular seeds(feminized coming soon) created by our vigorous plant breeding program backed up by professional laboratory testing. All male and female plants have been tested by HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) to guarantee genetic traits and characteristics. All Breeding stock of Dragonfly have been stress tested to guarantee strong and vigorous offspring.

A huge benefit of using Dragonfly genetics are as such:

Ability to choose from a variety of different strains available in seeds as well as male pollen.

Personal breeding stock so that the plant you grow today is the same as the one you grow years from now.

Stress tested and profiled via Vapour Spectrometer.

Professional laboratory procedures to ensure exact ratios and results.

Instructions on applying pollen and germinating seeds.

Lineage of our mothers and fathers and offspring ensuring good genetics time and time again.

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We are OPEN from:
11am - 5:30pm everyday!
To purchase in person please call 778 329 1930.

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