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  • $2.00



    Eruca vesicaria sativa

    Duration: Annual

    When to Sow: Spring/Late Summer/Early Fall
    Ease of Germination: Easy

    (Roquette) Strong tasting spinach-like green common in Mediterranean markets. Popular in salads, or cooked and served like spinach.
    0.5g …

  • $4.20

    Asparagus UC157

    3 to 5 spears from each crown
    Dark green spears, 1.5-2mm (1/2-3/4″) in diameter
    Moderate tolerance to fusarium root rot
    Open-pollinated seeds
    Earlier production and heavier total yields

    1 g seeds per pack, approx. 30 …

  • $1.50

    Beets – Detroit Supreme

    Known for its deep red roots with smooth skin and medium tops
    Dark green leaves with red veins and a small crown
    Mildew resistant
    Open-pollinated seeds
    Matures in 65 days

    0.5 g …

  • $2.50

    Broccoli – Calabrese

    CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Dark green plants grow 45-75cm (18-30″) tall with a tightly beaded bluish green central head between 8-20cm (3-8″) across. This is followed by abundant side shoots that keep coming until frost. Sow Calabrese organic broccoli seeds in early March indoors, or in May and June for a fall harvest. This HEIRLOOM broccoli variety …

  • $3.00

    Broccoli Dicicco

    Certified Organic
    Heirloom quality
    Open pollinated seeds
    Super productive plants
    Matures in 48-85 days

    Approx 30 …

  • $2.00

    Carrot – Little Finger

    The ultimate in baby carrots, Little Fingers is a fast-maturing Nantes type with smooth, golden orange skins, crisp texture, and a tender core. Short at 10cm (4″), Little Fingers carrot seeds are well suited to container growing and may succeed in heavier soils. For best results, plant these gourmet carrots in well-cultivated soil from March …

  • $1.50

    Dragon Tongue Bush Bean

    This beautiful, old Dutch HERITAGE variety is good for fresh use or for dried beans. When the flat 21-25cm (8-10″) beans turn from a lime green to yellow with bright purple stripes, they're ready to use for cooking or freezing. They can also be grown to the dry stage for winter use in soups and …

  • $2.00

    Gai Lohn (Chinese Kale)

    Gai Lohn

    Brassica oleracea (Alboglabra) ‘Kailaan’

    Duration: Annual

    When to Sow: Spring
    Ease of Germination: Easy

    Broccoli-like vegetable from China. Flowering stalks, young leaves and buds are delicious steamed, boiled or fried with other vegetables, meat or on its own. Start indoors in April or sow direct after last frost.
    0.5g …

  • $1.50

    Pumpkin Howden

    Grown by many for Halloween
    Rich, orange, uniform fruits
    Fruits swell to around 10kg (20-25 lbs)
    Open-pollinated seeds
    Matures in 115 days

    $1.50  approx 10 …