I was stoked to post this new menu then I realized it's missing Dr.Atomic! Who's just restocked us in Blueberry Jam and Atomic Haze - so great to have them back in stock, we'll have more offerings from Dr.Atomic soon. See the website for details. We are always adding new strains so it's hard to keep a print catalogue current.

If you have any questions or concerns email us at: vancouverseedbank@gmail.com

 Hope your garden is growing strong this season - cultivate freedom!

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shane haldeman:

i have to say dr atomic knows how to breed good genetics i was able to use the atomic haze and recross the atomic haze with a truely beutiful female atomic haze and also hae created the sour berry f x with the atomic haze male wich i worked on and now have crossed the sourberryhaze with a male deep chunk indica sour diesel cross i think that dr atomic has preety stable strains to work with thanks doc for the love and care of truly breeding and understanding cannabis

June 17, 2016


With the new seed offerings page i"m i make order from it like og kush feminized

June 29, 2016

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