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When is Kush Queen going to post her bath hour that she spoke of doing many episodes back? I’ve been anxiously waiting.

January 01, 2016


Love your show MM (Greg). I’m on your team my friend. Got to tell you however you got the story wrong on the home lottery item in Ontario (your show of Wednesday, February 17, 2016)… The issue was not that a grow op was down the street. The grow op is actually next door to the lottery home. And that was still not the issue. The issue was the smell. And for the grow op owner this is the second time he has made the national news because he was not controlling the smell. As much as I support you and activism I still agree with the lawyer that has been on CC news… that the smell must be controlled… period. I hope you acknowledge this on the show so that you can remain someone I trust. Your friend J Ya.

February 19, 2016

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