High everyone, Marijuana Man here. I'm thrilled to be back behind the seed desk after all these years. As many of you know, I worked with Marc at Marc Emery Direct Seeds for 11 years until 2005 when we were busted by the DEA.


In that time, we sent seeds to every corner of the planet and I would like to think that we played a role in what would eventually overgrow the governments in Colorado, Washington and Alaska. Beyond donating thousands of dollars to help with their ballot initiatives, we sent huge numbers of seeds to those states. It's an honor to know that many of those strains are now being sold legally in shops, as well as lending genetics to make the new and exciting strains that are winning awards all over the world.


I'm also very happy to be working with The Vancouver Seed Bank. Rebecca and the whole crew are long time, good friends of ours and have been fighting the fight and providing quality seeds for all these years. We will continue to source out the very best seeds we can find and currently stock the top Amsterdam strains from shops like Soma, The Greenhouse and DNA as well as all of our local breeders like The House of The Great Gardener, Jordan of the Islands, Next Generation, Dr. Atomic and many more. We've got lots of feminized strains and a selection of CBD strains as well.


We're on the second floor at 307 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC. Open 7 days a week from 10-10. I'm in the house Tuesdays through Saturdays, so stop by and let us help you start growing great marijuana.


Check out my live show “From Under the Seed Desk” which airs every Wednesday on http://pot.tv/ at 4:00 pacific time. You can join the chat as my co-hosts Al the Alchemist and Kush Queen and I explore the many facets of cannabis...the plant, the politics...and oh yeah we smoke tons of it too!

See ya soon.


Peace and Pot!





Written by Vancouver Seed Bank —



What about Oregon? We legalized July 1, 2015 but not for purchasing/ buying in stores. That won’t happen until October 1, 2015 when the Medical Marijuana businesses are allowed to sell their leftovers to the general public. This is until January 2016. After that we may be in limbo if the commission to produce the shop regs has not finalized the Rules & Regulations for our new Marijuana Businesses.

August 13, 2015

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